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My name is Marko, and ever since I was young I knew the blood of a hunter was coursing through my veins. Whenever my dad used to take me hunting for wild deer I used to feel the hairs on my arms straighten up just seconds before he would pull the trigger. The hunting itself was not what excited me the most, though. I could stay up all night watching my dad clean the old Winchester rifle, how he would disassemble it with such ease and pull it back together in seconds. I loved hearing stories of how he and grandpa used to spend days and nights building up the nest we still use even today. We still love frequenting, as well as taking a casual stroll down White River and Pike forests, but my very favourite spot is the Arapaho refuge. Though it is huge, we always managed to catch a couple of elks there. Growing up one of the things I cherished the most were the trips to the old Bighorn gun shop. Back in the day we had an old pickup truck, and though it would take us hours to reach it, I’d get to hear a couple more stories about how dad learned the tricks of our trade from his old man. Nowadays I’m teaching my sons how to aim down their BB guns; you’re never too young to pick up a rifle if you’re careful with it, even though those are just mere toys. Just as I enjoyed learning all I could about small and long arms, my little ones now simply love it when I come back after a weekend in the pines with a couple of skins and most delicious soon-to-be meals loaded in the back of the truck.

What Is A Spotting Scope Used For – Know The All

What Is A Spotting Scope Used For – Know The All A spotting scope is relatively a new member in the intimate of the scopes. It comes with a vast list of advantages when compared with other types of scopes. However, the biggest advantage it offers you is the extended magnification range and an upright […]

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What Spotting Scope Does The Military Use

What Spotting Scope Does The Military Use There is a vast difference between a military-grade and consumer-grade cheap spotting scope. The products which are designed for military use are highly researched to ensure 100% accurate performance. Most of the military-grade products are not typically available commercially. The same thing applies to the spotting scope. Though […]

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Why You Need Tripod For Spotting Scope

Why You Need Tripod For Spotting Scope Spotting scope tripod is a crucial attachment required for stabilizing and mounting the scope. You may use the spotting scope without a tripod if it has a smaller magnification range. But you will never get a satisfactory view of the target. For the scope with a broad magnification […]

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Angled VS Straight Spotting Scope

Angled VS Straight Spotting Scope If you are searching for a spotting scope, then you should already know that there two variations of them based on the shape. They are angled spotting scope and straight spotting scope. Both of the scopes come with their pros and cons. While choosing the scope, it can be extremely […]

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Best Tripod For Spotting Scope In 2019

Best Tripod For Spotting Scope In 2019 Many people are using their spotting scopes by hand or struggle to support them with rocks, sticks, or whatever they come across while being outdoors. If you’ve been at your wit’s end while facing this issue, it’s time to get a tripod. If you’re looking for the best […]

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What Do The Numbers On A Scope Mean – Hidden Meaning

What Do The Numbers On A Scope Mean The numbers on a scope describe a lot of things about its power, performance, and quality. It is quite essential to understand what does spotting scope numbers mean to get an inclusive idea about the scope. In today’s article, we will provide you detailed information about different […]

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