Safest Way To Carry A Spotting Scope – Know The Perfect Way

As you probably know, a spotting scope is basically a mini telescope designed with a specific purpose- which is to provide the best magnification out there. Compared to binoculars and all other zoom-in tools, spotting scopes provide much more magnification and they usually come at a similar price.

You can use spotting scopes either as a nature lover, bird enthusiast or a hunter; basically if you are required to view objects at a distance. Every good hunter knows that you need a tripod to mount your scope on, so the image will remain clear and you can detect a target with ease. In the text below, we’ll provide some guidelines for keeping you and your scope safe while you are hunting!

Safest Way To Carry A Spotting Scope

Safety while hunting

You may think that keeping your tools safe is the most important thing, but think again. While it is crucial to keep your gear from scratching or God-forbid breaking, it is also beneficial to always think of your safety first. Think about it- even if you own the best spotting scope for target shooting on the market; it won’t mean much if you injure yourself or someone else with it.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and if you are a hunter these mistakes may come at a higher price. So let’s first skim over some good-to-know rules for safe hunting:

  • Don’t rely solely on your gun’s safety and remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • When you spot your target always be sure what’s beyond it, before shooting.
  • Use proper ammunition.
  • Don’t jump, climb a tree or make hasty movements while your gun is loaded.
  • If your gun fails to shoot once the trigger is pulled, handle it with care.
  • Don’t use alcohol or drugs while hunting.
  • Always carry a first aid kit.
  • Know your firearm, learn the mechanical and handling characteristics prior to a hunt.
  • Don’t forget to bring a flashlight with you, even during daylight.
  • Be familiar with the area you are going to hunt on.

There are numerous things that we didn’t mention, this list was just a rough guide line of what to think about. If you are a first-time hunter it is always clever to learn how to keep yourself safe before you go hunting. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance or go through firearm training, so you can be sure of your abilities. Remember, practice makes it perfect!

Safety Of Your Gear

We already mentioned how important is to keep yourself safe, now let’s take a look at your gear. If you wonder how to carry a spotting scope, one of the easiest solutions is to simply carry it over your shoulder.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford a spotting scope carrier you can use either Tripod Straps or Leg Wraps. Some tripods already come with Leg Wraps – foam cushions that you wrap around the legs of a tripod.

These cushions are not only there to protect the legs of your tripod, but also to reduce the pressure on the shoulder. In case your tripod doesn’t have them, don’t worry you can simply purchase them- either online or at your local hunting gear shop. In case you are more of a hands-on type of person, you can even make them at home!

For those who want a bit of a challenge, you should buy the insulation that comes with an adhesive strip (covered in plastic). Then cut the insulation, to your preferred length, position it on the legs of your tripod and simply remove the plastic strip. Be sure to fasten the insulation, once you are done.

As mentioned previously there are also Tripod Straps. They are very easy to use, but are somewhat unstable if your scope is mounted on the tripod. In case you carry your scope and tripod separately, these may be a good option for you.

And finally, there is tri-pak. If you are looking for a mini spotting scope backpack-this is it!

With this carrier, the legs of your tripod can remain extended, allowing you to quickly take it off and have it ready for use. Of course, you can always collapse them for easier use, in case you are riding a vehicle (a motorcycle or a bicycle).

It also comes with a zippered pouch that is located on the side of the backpack, that would be when worn against your back. So it’s not accessible to anyone but you! While this is a good example of a mini backpack, there are a lot of options if you are looking for something more advanced.

In case you want to go camping, or just feel more secure when carrying more belongings with you; there are a lot of backpacks that can accommodate your needs.

They usually have compression straps on the sides of the bag, that will fully secure your tripod. Additionally, if we are thinking just about tripod options, some backpacks are equipped with side pockets that are designed solely for carrying a tripod. Concerning the safety of the scope itself, you needn’t worry, when you own a backpack, your scope will be fully secured in the inside pocket of the backpack.

Conclusion Of Safest Way To Carry A Spotting Scope

Whether you choose a backpack or a simpler option, you should always keep in mind that spotting scopes require gentle care. Protecting them from water and rough surfaces should be your priority; since a single scratch can endanger you and your peers while hunting.

If you are looking to use your scope for simpler things, such as nature watching; you should also pay attention to keeping the lens out of harm’s way. Usually, spotting scopes are not the cheapest tool on the market – it’s not unusual for them to cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. So whatever your preferences are you should always treat your spotting scopes with care.


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