What Is A Spotting Scope Used For

A spotting scope is relatively a new member in the intimate of the scopes. It comes with a vast list of advantages when compared with other types of scopes. However, the biggest advantage it offers you is the extended magnification range and an upright view of the target.

Another impressive thing about the spotting scope is it doesn’t cost you much. Even 100 dollars spotting scope can give you a decent and satisfactory performance.

Wondering what you can do with a spotting scope? Well, a spotting scope offers you a variety of sports that the other optics usually can’t offer you merely. Here are some primary uses of the spotting scope which may amaze you.

What Is A Spotting Scope Used For

A Spotting Scope Used For


Usually, low light conditions like dusk and dawn are considered as the best time for hunting. A lot of hunters struggle to find out the prey in such situations due to the lack of lights. While observing through the rifle scope, sometimes you can’t confirm whether the thing you are sensing is actually a prey or not. And that is exactly where the spotting scope can assist you.

As the spotting scope produces a prominent, natural, and clear images of the target, you can easily confirm your prey (and might save ammo from going in vain). A spotting scope weighs only around a few hundreds of grams. So, it shouldn’t be an issue to carry the spotting scope for any hunters.


When it comes to birding, the spotting scope is undoubtedly the best choice. Birders generally use binoculars for spotting the bird. But it is quite hard to keep track of the bird using only the spotting scope. On the other hand, it’s quite impossible to differentiate the birds in a long distance using the binoculars.

The spotting scope produces a detailed view of the target, which makes it possible to identify the species of the bird quickly. Such characteristics of the spotting scope also make it possible to track a single bird from its group for a long time which you couldn’t do with the binoculars. Some of the spotting scopes can produce 60x or higher magnification.

You can even track the smallest bird with such spotting scope from a distance comfortably. However, one thing you need to be concerned about is the spotting scopes for birding need to be high-quality. A cheap spotting scope can’t take you a long distance when it comes to birding.


In surveillance, different types of optics are used to keep an eye on a specific area. The optics are used to capture troublesome activities, detect the intruders, and to spy on a particular individual. Usually, the binoculars are vastly used for surveillance till the date. But the spotting scope can provide some fantastic advantage if used instead of the binoculars.

Especially when you need to keep an eye on a big area, the spotting scope can help you a lot. When compared with the binoculars, the same sized spotting scope comes with a massive magnification range. As a result, there will be a clear, sharp, and colorful view of the area, and the enforcement can easily detect any sudden changes.

Besides, the spotting scope is lightweight and easy to carry, which allows changing the position of the scope and set up quickly to keep tracking the target.


A telescope is generally used for astronomy. The spotting scope is sometimes considered as a smaller version of a telescope due to its powerful magnification range. Higher magnification range of the spotting scope allows you to use it for basic astronomy such as viewing moon and close planets like Jupiter, Saturn, as well as some close stars.

However, only a few spotting scopes have the capability to be used for astronomy. For using a spotting scope for astronomy, it needs to have at least a 65mm objective lens. Besides, it must have a 60x or higher magnification range and proper eye relief. You will also need to make some adjustment in the scope to use it for astronomy.


It is hard to get a closer view of the wildlife as they are not habitual to humans. However, the spotting scope can be your way to give a close eye on the wildlife. Especially if you often go for hiking or camping, the spotting scope can enhance your adventure by allowing you to enjoy extraordinary wildlife views from a distance.

Some other uses of the spotting scope include landscaping, distance-sports event viewing, ocean viewing, etc.

From the begin of the universe, people developed an urge to see the unseen, to know the unknown. They invented thousands of things to fulfill their desire. The spotting scope is a new addition in the list which allows you to conquer the untouchable horizon with your eyes. It brings you the power of a telescope in a small, lightweight, and portable tube. It can be an excellent investment as you see above to scale up your game.




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