Angled VS Straight Spotting Scope – Know The Difference

If you are searching for a spotting scope, then you should already know that there two variations of them based on the shape. They are angled spotting scope and straight spotting scope. Both of the scopes come with their pros and cons.

While choosing the scope, it can be extremely confusing to decide which one you should select. Today, we will let you know briefly about both versions of the spotting scope so that you can choose easily.

Angled VS Straight Spotting Scope

Angled Spotting Scope

The angled spotting scope typically comes with a 45-degree or 90-degree angled body when compared with the eyepiece. They are a versatile optic choice for any activities, including birding, astronomy, and hunting. It has some exceptional advantages when compared with the straight spotting scope. Below, we discussed the advantage and disadvantages of the angled spotting scopes.

Advantage of Angled Spotting Scope

Most of the professional find the angled spotting scope more suitable for their game as such scopes are adjustable. Another significant advantage of the spotting scope is it allows people with different height to conveniently use the tool without raising or lowering the height.

Besides, as it is angled, you can lower the to make the scope less affected by the wind. It allows you to use a shorted tripod which is much stable and easy to carry.

You can watch through an angled spotting scope for a long time without any neck strain. Another great advantage of the angled scope is allowing you to view things in the sky comfortably. Such convenience makes the scope an excellent choice for birding and astronomy.

Disadvantages of Angled Spotting Scope

The angled spotting scope is a little bit difficult to use for the hunter at first, as it becomes hard to detect moving targets. However, with practice and continuous use, it becomes easier to use, and the disadvantage will go away. On the other hand, if you observe from a hideout without moving, then you can go for both straight or angled spotting scope for hunting.

It’s hard to view an object which is below your level with a spotting scope. Another thing about the spotting scope is sometimes it can be challenging to carry the scope depending on your backpack. It is also hard using such scopes on the wet weather as it can catch snow or water while being left for a while.

Straight Spotting Scope

The body and the eyepiece of the straight spotting scope are at the same horizontal level. Though, sometimes, the eyepiece can be a little higher than the frame while keeping the same parallel optical construction. The straight spotting scope is an excellent choice for hunting, tracking, and tactical shooting. The user can continuously move while using the straight scope, which they can’t do while using the angled one.

Advantage Of Straight Spotting Scope

The most significant advantage of the straight spotting scope is they are straightforward to use; especially for beginners. As you can see the target in the same direction, you can easily acquire the target at a quick order with a straight spotting scope.

It can be mounted higher when compared with the angled scope, which helps to avoid mirage effects. Besides, it is easier to watch a target downhill with the straight scope, which you can’t do with the angled scope. The straight spotting scope can be used at any rough weather without any issues.

Using a straight scope from a car window mount is also very easy. Besides, it offers quick switching with a binocular as you don’t need to adjust the tripod. The straight scope provides better portability than the angled scope. You can conveniently put them in your backpack with other items.

Disadvantages of Straight Spotting Scope

When compared with the angled spotting scope, the straight scope is not comfortable for prolonged observation. Besides, the straight spotting scope becomes unstable when you attach a camera on its eyepiece. The instability can harm the camera. A straight spotting scope is difficult to use for viewing something in the sky. Moreover, you need to use a bigger tripod for the straight scope to observe efficiently, which can decrease the stability of the scope.

Which spotting scope should you buy? Well, it entirely depends on your preferences. If you are a complete beginner on your game, you start with an under 200 spotting scope, which is straight. If you have substantial experience on straight scopes and now seeking better performance, then you can upgrade to an angled spotting scope. Now, it is your responsibility to determine which one will accompany you better.

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