What Spotting Scope Does The Military Use

There is a vast difference between a military-grade and consumer-grade cheap spotting scope. The products which are designed for military use are highly researched to ensure 100% accurate performance. Most of the military-grade products are not typically available commercially.

The same thing applies to the spotting scope. Though military-grade spotting scope is not available directly, some manufacturer produces military-grade spotting scope to give the consumers a taste of these amazing creations.

Today, we will let you know about some of the most famous military-grade spotting scopes.

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Which Spotting Scope Does The Military Use

M151 Spotting Scope

The M151 Spotting Scope is a vastly used military spotting scope by the U.S. troops for identifying targets and surveillance purposes. It has a 12x to 40x magnification range accompanied by a 60mm objective lens. Such characteristics make sure that you will get a clean, bright, and sharp view of the target.

It includes a Leupold MilDot reticle for range estimation and tactical collaboration with the shooter. One impressive thing about the scope is it allows the troops to spot target from the prone position.

The M151 Spotting Scope includes a tactical tripod kit that ensures you the proper stability to keep an eye on the moving target. The specially designed tripod is ultra-lightweight, and it can be deployed with pin-drop quietness. Besides, it has a night vision adapter for attaching the AN/PVS-14 NVG, a night vision used by the U.S. Military.

The M151 Spotting Scope includes an anti-reflection device that eliminates the user from detection due to the glaze produced by the scope optics. Besides, it is equipped with a laser filter unit which protects the user from potential eye hazards during a session.

Leupold Mark 4 Spotting Scope

Leupold is popular for manufacturing high-end optical goods. The Leupold Mark 4 Spotting Scope is one of the most praised army scopes from the manufacturer because of its superior build quality and performance. It offers you a 12-40x magnification range which is more than enough for identifying a target during tactical shooting. Besides, it a large 60mm objective lens that prepares a sharp and bright view of the targeted sight.

The spotting scope offers comfortable, and simple controls of its feature to the user. The mag ring on the scope is made larger when the focus is made thinner. Such characteristics allow the spotter to make adjustments without taking the eye away. The scope also offers a superior eye relief for a comfortable spotting experience. Even with your glasses on, you can get a smooth and full view of the target.

The Leupold Mark 4 Spotting Scope includes tactical milling reticle. It has a compact tripod for stabilizing the scope to get a better target view. The scope is built with quality material to ensure long-term performance. It has a DiamondCoat ion-assist coating for abrasion resistance. It also waterproof and fog proof to provide you an all-weather performance. You can rely on the scope as the USA Army uses it for its semi-automatic sniper system.

Levenhuk Blaze Spotting Scope

The Levenhuk Blaze Spotting Scope has a reinforced polycarbonate rubber-armored shells construction to provide long-lasting shockproof performance. Besides, the body of the scope is fully sealed to make scope waterproof. It is also filled with nitrogen which makes it fog proof. Such properties make the scope an excellent choice for all-weather performance.

The Levenhuk Blaze Spotting Scope offers you a 27x to 75x magnification range. Such a significant ranging spotting scope allows you to use it on a very large scale. Besides, the scope is equipped with a 90mm to 100mm objective lens which along with fully multicoated lenses gather abundant light to show you a bright, and unobstructed view of the target even in the low light.

The Levenhuk Blaze Spotting Scope is a high-quality and compact scope for spotting target from a significant distance. It comes in a smaller shape and lightweight, which makes it possible to transport the scope easily. What we liked most about the scope is it is available at a low price when compared with the other military-grade spotting scopes.

If you can’t rely on a consumer-grade spotting scope, the military-grade scope can be an excellent option for you. They are highly researched and optimized to provide you precise and error-free performance.

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