Gun Safety Tips And Tricks – You Must Know Before Owing A Gun

Gun is an excellent tool for ensuring the protection. By knowing the Gun Safety Tips and Tricks, you can avoid the chances of accident related to the gun. Whether it is self-defense, protection for your family, children, beloved one or your asset a gun can keep safe from an unwanted incident.

This is why most people own a gun in their home and office. It makes you feel more secured wherever you are it is inside or outside of the house. When you are going to own a gun, you must be familiar with it. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone’s safety relating to the gun in your home.

Types of Gun

There is a wide variety of guns available in the market. However, they can be classified into three groups. These are the basic types of gun. Let’s check it out:



It’s a kind of firearm which also called handgun. By using your one hand or both hands, you can use this weapon. Without depending any other objects except your hand, you can just run it. The subsets of pistols include revolvers, semi-automatic, break action, bolt action, rolling block, falling block, and other various action types weapon.

Features Of Pistol

  • Controlled with one hand
  • Run without shoulder support
  • Under 16 inches Barrel length



This weapon is designed to be fired from shoulder level. It leaves a bullet switching on the trigger though modern rifles are able to leave more than one bullet squeezing trigger once. To run this weapon, you need to use two hands and brace against the shoulder. It’s a kind of giant size weapon.

Rifle Features

  • Large sized weapon
  • Fired with two hands
  • Barrel length above 16 inches



It’s one of the dominant weapons can fire a variety of different ammunition smoothly. It takes only .6 seconds to fly about 780 feet. Pump action & semi-automatic are the two subsets of a rifle. To move the shells semi-automatic shoot gun uses gas or recoil whereas pump action shotgun requires physically move.

Shotgun Cores

  • Smooth barrel
  • Barrel length above 18 inches
  • Fired with two hands

These are the common major types of gun. Depending on individuals need and types of work use a different kind of guns. Before discussing the safety tips of using a gun, it is essential to know about the purpose of your gun’s usage.

Purpose Of Use

The purpose of using gun depends on one’s situation. The primary reason behind using a gun is self-defense and security. When you have a gun with you, it offers you brave to defend yourself. Some guns are made for entertainment. You can use them for preying birds of animals. To take part some competitive activities, like skeet shooting and competitions it becomes a necessary tool.

On the other hand, military personnel and branches of law enforcement agencies keep a firearm to do their duty safely. They not only protect themselves but also protect the citizens of their country by owing the gun. Those who live in wild area they also use a gun to protect them from ferocious animals.

After all, I am not saying that everyone needs to own a gun. It ones freedom of choice, whether he feels it is a must for him, he can buy one. Abiding by the law of the state you can own a gun if you are comfortable with it. However, whatever your purpose is you must know how to handle your gun and get familiar with it by knowing the safety protocols.

Gun Safety Tips and Tricks

Gun is such a weapon that makes you and your family secured. Sometimes unawareness of using a gun can endanger you and your beloved people life. Whoever you are a novice or professional firearm user lacking of proper safety knowledge can be the reason for the life-threatening accident. So, knowing gun safety tips and tricks is a must for all gun owners. Gun safety is an attitude, not an action. Now I am going to tell you the most important tips and tricks for using the gun safely. Let’s start going through the tips:

  1. Familiar With Weapon

The first and foremost thing to avoid any accident related to the gun is getting familiar with the system. After owing the firearm, it is imperative to go through the booklet and manual instruction. Whether it’s a rifle, shotgun, pellet gun, pistol, or whatever it might be trying to know the ins and outs of your gun. Know the mechanism of your gun how it works.

  1. Store Separate Place

What if your children play with the gun that you left in commonplace there may happen dangerous accident. Children are not familiar with the real gun. They take it as like a toy gun. It is wise to preserve the gun in separate places which it out of reach your children. It’s one of your great responsibilities to make sure your gun is safely stored.

  1. Lock The Trigger

Locking trigger of your gun can keep you safe from any unconscious danger. For example, your gun is loaded, but you forget to unload the bullet from the gun. A few days later you take the gun and pull the trigger unintentionally there will no second chance of avoiding an accident. So always try to lock the trigger with a number that you know only.

  1. Unload The Gun When It Is Not Used

The firearm should be unloaded when it is not in use. A loaded gun is quite risky for the children or other members who are not acquitted with it. Never keep your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire. Always try to avoid the flat and hard area to shoot out.

  1. Teach Other About Gun Safety

Gun is an important protective gear not only for a person but also for a whole family. Gun owner should teach the other members of his family about gun safety and how it works as well. Tell the children how dangerous a gun can be when it is triggered and train them about its mechanism.

  1. Don’t Give The Gun To The Novice

Gun is an object. It cannot do anything until it is operated. Who owns it responsibility goes to him to keep it safe. The problem arises when it goes to a novice. As a novice person doesn’t know how to handle a gun and becomes more curious about the firearm, his unaware appearance can be the cause of an unwanted accident.

  1. Use The Proper Ammo

Always choose the correct ammo for your firearm. If you are not sure about which ammo is correct for your gun, you can check the barrel of the gun. The caliber that the firearm is chambered for will be imprinted on it. You can also check the ammo box to identify is it suitable for your gun or not by reading the cartridges themselves. Before loading ammo be sure it is compatible with your gun.

  1. Wear Proper Protective Equipment

By wearing protective equipment, you can keep yourself safe from the panic sound and brass. The sound of gunfire ranges from 140 to 180 decibels that can affect your hearing badly. On the other hand, eye protection allows you keep safe from brass, particles or lubrication.

  1. Do Not Fire Unnecessarily

A weapon is a strength and power too. When you have a gun, you feel like celebrating the joyful moment shooting into the open air. This is not a good reason for using a gun. Prior to firing confirm what you are aiming at. As you can’t get back a bullet when it is fired once so do not pull the trigger until you know why you are shooting.

Causes Of Firearm Accidents

Research has shown that approximately 50,000 people throughout the world die from firearm-related accident each year. Most of the accident happens unintentionally. And the unintentional discharge can occur when you can’t handle the gun properly. Lack of adequate knowledge and carelessness of responsibility can grab your life. Let’s have a look at the reason behind firearm accidents:

  • Improper maintenance
  • Improper ammunition use
  • Shooting while intoxicated
  • Shooting at flat or hard surface
  • Homicide
  • Suicide

Final Verdict

There is no other thing is as valuable as a life. To secure the life and asset, we take a lot of protective steps. Gun is such a weapon that not only ensures us live securely we can also use it for many other legit purposes.  An accident is a sudden incident. It can happen at any time with any helpful things in lacking proper use.  This is why consciousness and appropriate knowledge is a must to avoid any unintentional accident. If you follow the above mention tips and tricks, you can prevent the accident. You also become an expert on properly using the gun.

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